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Klipsch - Where's the love on this Forum???

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I'm a new guy here, and the first thing I notice is that there's NO forum for the venerable Klipsch line of speakers.   When I see what DOES get it's own forum, I just don't get it!  Seems to me that even though Klipsch still is a strong business entity, it's line of speakers going back to the 'vintage' era is unquestionable.   Further, most any 'vintage' audiophile I know will certainly give credit to Klipsch speakers even if not owning a set......or two, or 3....or 4....etc!!


So, I give a strong recommendaton to the forum owners here.......and PLEASE give Klipsh a place of it's own!  Or, if not yet ready to do so..... go listen to a set of Forte IIs, some Chorus cabs, or Cornwalls or Belles.   If you don't come away thinking the Klipsh deserves a place here.........then neither do I!!

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