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AR-1 differences


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Why is it people ravage complete AR1 systems for the WE755a so called tweeters and then still expect these now incomplete systems to be very valuable? Anyway, the point of this posting isn't to debate that issue. My question is I was looking at some AR1 systems for sale (yes, no "tweeters") and noticed 2 very different mounting wells for the WE 755a. All units I have seen photos of have the well with a recess for the tweeter machined into the front baffle where mounting screws are located to hold the driver in place.  (please note the AR-1 close up on the right) On the left is a AR-1 that has a plate with a circular cut out and mounting screws attached to it.  So my question is was this a early configuration later changed or some ones modification to the cabinet? Altering an AR-1W possibly comes to mind. If you look at the tweeter well on the left hand image the well is noticeably closer to the top trim piece. For future reference does anyone know the depth of the well for mounting the WE driver?

Thx, Tom

AR-1 WE755 cutout.jpg

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If you examine the other listing photos, the mahogany speaker with the cruder "tweeter" opening is an older box with multiple terminals and strapping for the high-level control while the blonde one is a later version with a pot (and better craftsmanship overall).

There's a reason why these have been continuously relisted for the better part of a year now. They're overpriced by a factor of four or five.

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