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1 hour ago, Aadams said:

Click on your avatar then in the upper right click on "see their activity"


I have clicked everything I can click, I don't get/have ""see their activity" anywhere

Only think I got related to the word "activity" is all the "activity" on the site


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15 hours ago, Aadams said:



Thank you

That's not what one sees when they are looking at their own page, that's what YOU see

I just now figured it out, and it is in the same location, but just a white rectangle with another rectangular symbol within, no wording 

My fault, my oversight (or lack of sight) - I was going to the menu symbol way up top and was getting the word "activity", just not mine, must not have hovered over that little one obviously

You know, now that we are (have) abandoned/are abandoning English in favor of "universal" symbols, there should be legends at the bottom of all  internet pages until those of us who still remember when public bathroom doors were marked "MEN" and "WOMEN" respectively finally all die off

Always wanted to learn another language before I died, but not like this (not griping about Classic Speaker Pages, just griping about what's going on the past 25 years)

That, and the ever growing use, by millennials and gen Zers, of acronyms, for EVERY damn thing

Like we're all supposed to know, the "I, me, mine" world 

A trip to SFO ; - ) (San Francisco International Airport) today? fuhgeddaboudit

Don't know how I missed it, but thank you again



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