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AR-2ax Woofer Damping Ring Repair


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Or replace?

I bought a set of AR 2ax that were in lovely shape cabinet wise and I was pretty sure had the early cloth surround woofers. When I carefully (and slowly!) pried off the grilles I was quite excited to see I was correct. But my celebration was short-lived as I discovered the foam damping rings on these woofers were coming off in large chunks. 

Having already ordered some new caps and controls for these speakers I am eager to get them singing again. Is there anything that can be done to repair or replace the foam damping ring that appears to be flaking off before my very eyes? What have other AR lovers done when the rings are falling apart? Are there any replacements damping rings that are sold? Or do people just ignore the loss of the ring?

I am curious what others have done. 





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I have the same issue... a friend gave me a pair of mismatched AR-2ax speakers, and for the early version, the 10" woofer with fabric surround, the foam DAMPING RING that was glued onto paper cone, has deteriorated, and I cleaned it completely off with an Exacto knife.  BUT.. cannot find any source that offers a replacement foam ring.. Wish someone knew where to find a source or how to make these rings, DIY?  I've restored 1000's of vintage speakers, inc AR's but am stuck with this issue !

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