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JII Replacement Tweeter Recommendations


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When Snell was in business and servicing older speakers, they were actually selling a different tweeter that 'measured identically,' or so they said. I accidentally bought a pair and sent them back, but that's just me. Otherwise you could source a pair from ebay (which also might be cracked), or buy a pair from Audio Note. If you email Audio Note, they can probably help you. Peter Qvortrup is pretty cool about helping Snell owners. These tweeters are no longer in general production by Vifa, but the ones that Audio Note uses are nearly identical. They'll be expensive, unfortunately. 

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So I threw caution to the wind and ordered up two Morel 1.125" tweeters.  (I know, I know - they came with 1".)  

But the Morel's looked to be a good fit (physically too).

I had to use a wood rasp to open up the holes, but it was just a bit once the paint was gone.

Just listening now, but yes they sound pretty awesome.

Oh, why that one side's wires were so short, I have no idea.  But it made it a pain.

Look at the state of the old tweeter!






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