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1965 Model 20+ Console


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This unit has 2 speakers + Console on Tulip bases.  Pictures here.

My parents purchased this new in 65.  For the past 30 years is been sittingindoors, unused.  I just attached the speakers to a modern receiver and they sound great. 

The console is dead.   I am looking for someone to send it to for repair.   Any ideas how to find someone for this?  (I am in Georgia btw).

I'd like to remove the turntable.  I disconnected the cables from the chassis/electronics.  But, not sure how to remove the 2 srews (with heads on topside of turntable.  I see the flat nuts attached to the 2 screws....but can get the screws out.  Any ideas?

btw - there is a video on a 20+ repair that is helpful.

thank you


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