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Acoustic Research mid domes


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Removing this ad.  No longer for sale.

Is there anyone wanting mid domes.  This is from an AR LST-2 and is the same mid as AR-10 & 11.  I want $100 per pair and have three pair.  All working with measured 1.6 to 1.7 ohm resistance.



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Remove for sale ad.
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Thank you.  Just figuring out what to do with these.  Six dead tweeters and Radio Shack woofers means quite expensive to get the speakers back to original working condition.  They sound good with a Heil amt connected.  If no one wants the mids, I’ll sit on them until deciding to rebuild.  There is a set of LST-2 advertised in Atlanta for parts/repair at $1200.  Are LST-2 really selling for this much?  Photo is of mine.  In the meantime, I’m getting the AR-10pi set ready to sell.  


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1 hour ago, Illf8ed said:

There is a set of LST-2 advertised in Atlanta for parts/repair at $1200.  Are LST-2 really selling for this much?


For that price they would need to be properly restored and pretty and that pair is neither.  I have conversed with seller.  He does have the correct woofers.

Are the LST2 cabs in as good a shape all over as they appear in this photo?  If the woofers are removed could you please provide a photo of the crossover caps, close enough to verify the brand and condition..  Are all six tweeter bodies undamaged?


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3 minutes ago, Illf8ed said:

back corner damaged that I repaired.

Thanks.  These are not idle questions.  Do both cabs have the same caps?  Are all the tweeter bodies straight with no cracks or bends? Can you show photos of the backs of the cabs.  Does the corner damage affect the integrity of the cabinet joints?  When you said you would sell for what you had in them, what was that price?  Send a PM if you prefer.

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Caps the same in both cabinets.  Tweeter bodies straight, no cracks, but one is missing the dome and wires pulled..see photo.  Corner damage does not effect the cabinet...see photo.  Burn Mark on the same cab as corner repair.  I paid $200 for these then worked on the cabinets....cleaned and Watco Danish Oil.  Last photo is the really good cabinet.







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