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Finally got a pair of ADC 303AX after searching for a very long time. It was a personal teen-aged goal to own every one of the five check-rated speakers in the infamous (infamous because of the Bose lawsuit) May, 1970 Consumer Reports loudspeaker article. The other check-rated speakers in that article were Dyna A25, KLH 6, AR 2ax, Scott S15.  The ADC was the only one that never found its way into my listening room, until now.   I am happy to report that they sound remarkably good, low-frequency output is nothing short of excellent.  They can probably benefit from a recap.  More on that as it develops.  Any other ADC fans out there? 



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These late units had grills attached with Velcro, so removal was no problem.

I don't know ADCs well enough to know if earlier units were attached with glue, but that would be my best guess, so a thin putty knife carefully inserted around the frame my help you pop them off. 

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