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Nice AR 90's equal trade for Klipsch Heresy


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I just had the opportunity to trade a set of Klipsch Heresy II for a beautiful set of AR 90's.   Perfect cabinets, all drivers refoamed, new caps, a bunch of original AR 90 sales brochures, sales receipt ($900/1980) and original boxes.  Original owner for 40 years, second owner 1 year, and now I am the 3rd.  The guy that had them could not power them.  That is why he traded.  He wanted Klipsch because easy to drive.  No problem, I have a couple of big amps to run them.  Can't wait to get them hooked up.    

I had the Klipsch for a few years.  They came with new Crites x-overs.  They got loud as hell, but always seemed fatiguing, even a lower volumes.  Detail was missing.  Just a big soundstage.  My thoughts, horn drivers.  If horn drivers were that good, they would be in all speakers, instead of stadiums.  Anyways, need help to get them out of the back of Jeep.  Hopefully tomorrow my son can help.        

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I did the trade for AR 90's.  Cabinets are a 9.9/10.  They came with all the original boxes and packing.  I got them unthawed and hooked up.  They sound awesome.  I am sure they are keepers.     

Don't mean to bash the Klipsch.  I had second thoughts before I traded.  Maybe I had not given them a fair chance.  Since I have only listened to them through a PS Audio CV200, I switched amps with a Parasound amp I have.  I know it has good imaging.  The Klipsch still were lacking imaging and dynamics.  Maybe they need a tube amp?  Not sure, but they are history.            

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I bought a pair of original Heresy for my son's first system. The were nice at low to normal volume. Accurate is a word many use to describe them. Bass was OK but did not go very deep. When the volume was put to them everything nice fell apart. I blame the horn tweeters and mids. Not to my liking. Now my son enjoys a pair of TSW610.

You made a great deal !


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