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4 ohm to 8 ohm

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Hello all. New here and just starting to get a basic idea of speaker construction. My question may be ridiculous but I will not know if I don't put it out here.

I want to replace the 4 ohm woofers in my Rectilinear Mini 3's with 8 ohm woofers. I'm guessing that I will lose some volume at the same signal wattage but I'm OK with that aspect.

If this mod is doable how drastic will I need to change the crossover components? The speakers have a 5" 4 ohm mid and a 2" tweeter that is 8 ohms. The crossover points are 400Hz and 8000Hz. They use an 89uF cap, a 2.2uF cap a wire wound resistor to the potentiometers. I do not know the Henry value of the choke.

I will attach a photo of a similar crossover.

mini xo.jpg

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19 hours ago, cricket said:

I want to replace the 4 ohm woofers in my Rectilinear Mini 3's with 8 ohm woofers.


Welcome to CSP Cricket!

I had some Mini IIIs about a dozen years ago. Very nice speakers. Sorta wish I still had them 

But why would you want to replace the woofers? The speakers won't be original and won't sound like they originally did. If some disaster ruined the woofers you may be able to get Bill LeGall to resurrect them. That would be my advice.

Others may chime in and there "may" be a way to combine an 8 ohm woofer with a 4 ohm mid and 8 ohm tweet but I'm skeptical.


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Hey Kent.

The main reason is that someone in the past someone replaced one of the original CTS woofers with a driver from an Infinity, probably from the s series and the sound doesn't match. I have not been able to locate an original woofer to replace it with. So that entails replacing both woofer drivers. If replacing both I had rather have an 8 ohm pair so that I can run them from my receivers along with another pair of speakers. Parts express has some decent 8" 4 ohm speakers but not with the correct values or frame size. My cabinets require an overall frame diameter of 8.25".  No easy solution but as I see it my choices are limited to finding a needle in a haystack or converting to 8 ohm and try to stay as close to the sound as the originals. I may only have to change the choke if the other specs for the 8 ohms are close. Maybe I should leave them as is and hope to find an original woofer one day?

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