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AR midrange, before and after!

Giorgio AR

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I received a pair of AR91s with very worn midranges as a gift: both domes were clearly crushed and remained so for years, one of the two, the one with the greatest deformation also had two holes, one of which is smaller on the suspension .

Manually, even by heating the two mids. I can not restore the original shape, I discarded the use of a vacuum cleaner a priori and I decided to make the domes resume their shape with air injection inside, for the occasion I used a 20 ml syringe. and two cannula needles of 14g respectively for the perforated middle and a tiny 23g for the second dome.

Clearly I did not use the metal mandrel of these needles, the smaller one was used only to make the entry hole of the 23g cannula, then to close the holes in the middle I used small pieces of cloth impregnated with an old suspension of this material that I kept just for this purpose with the help of suspension glue, then covered with black paint (this too is like glue a Ciare product and intended to treat cones and suspensions!), a tiny drop to cover the small hole of the other medium.

The result documented below.

1st midrange before




2° mid. after


Before: the crest visible diagonally in the center is impossible to make better than that!


the holes circled in red in the 2nd middle


Bonding of small cloth patches


Final effect


23g needle entry hole


Small hole closure


Syringe and cannulas used, note the differences in caliber between the two.






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8 hours ago, Martin said:

Questo mi ricorda il restauro dell'Ultima Cena.

Martin, congratulations on your Italian, if I can today
I solder a cable where the clamp is broken and test the AR91. I think anyway I will buy a pair of immaculate 200032 mids as soon as I find them in pairs and at the correct price, I like to have my ARs in perfect aesthetic and functional conditions.


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