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Large Advent Speaker Service Bulletin in .pdf Format

Pete B

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This is in the library as multiple .jpg s, does anyone have it in .pdf?

I seem to remember seeing it years ago.

It mentions measuring the DC resistance of the tweeter and tweeter inductors to test

for burnout.

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I don't know the answer and I know I have read those pages before but, for some reason, I didn't notice certain things. I read them again, now and:

It's the first time I noticed Advent called out Mortite by name as the sealant they used.

They were pretty vociferous about NOT soldering any wire splice connections (they used wire nuts in the early ones).


The service bulletin is an early document from 1970. I assume the others are too, based on them referring to Mortite under the tweeter and hand corrected.

This is service bulletin 3. I wonder what the other service bulletins were/are. (OK, I'm going to look in the "Index of Advent" files -  nothing there).

The earliest Advents used Mortite under the tweeter plate which was quickly replaced by the foam gasket, if it is assumed the hand-written corrections were done contemporaneously.

Advent recommended rotating the woofer a bit, if it is removed, and using new holes to remount it out of fear of stripping the original mounting holes. I would rather just be careful.





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