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Dynaco forum?


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Hi Mark;

I am doing the only step I can see, to start up a Dynaco discussion forum.

If one is not started, then we cannot add to that brand.

I have referenced earlier, Gregdunn's site, but this is a catalog viewing type site only, very, very nicely done, I will acknowledge, but there is no discussion section, and it is not being updated.

I know there has been other requests, for other brands, if there is other sites with the Dynaco discussion capabilities, I would not be even suggesting this addition.

Judging by the great increase in membership, just in the last few months, shows the need to have a quality place to go to, for information.

For us to continue learning and enjoying about our hobby, and this is that place, in my personnal opinion.

My mention of this a month or two ago, brought forward some very positive feedback, but without the Dynaco name, we cannot attract more interested parties.

If you decide it is not of value, I will not bring it up again, Mark.

Almost 1100 members now!

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I just bought a pair of A25 speakers and will probably be looking at caps and such within a few weeks (one speaker has distortion that doesn't seem to be woofer or tweeter based - I hope). Certainly very well built cabinet and the speaker operating normally is extremely accurate - I am very impressed. Can't wait to start a rebuild project with the A25.

glen s.

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Guest denmarkdrivers

i'm also a fan of A25's, try to get that other one fixed, if you swap another A25 from a different pair they will not provide you even imagiging. just the way the were made. good luck


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One of the tests you can perform would be to swap the woofers to see if the issue follows. Another is to remove the woofer, create a 100hz test CD (if you don't have a signal generator) and test via an amplifier (keep volume WAY down!). Good luck!


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Guest Franz

Hi to you all,

I'm new here, but not to audio. I feel like an old Dynaco fan on one hand and a newbie on the other. I've had a pair of A-25s for over ten years, and I've used them as "second" or even "third" system speakers.

About a year ago, for some reason, I hauled them over to my "good" system, a Forte' Class-A amp and Citation 17 pre-amp, and, well, they've been there ever since. I now have them set up in my garden room (a glass room off the dining room) running off a 60W Yamaha receiver.

Now for the point! I finally noticed that one speaker was a slightly darker color than the other, and the grain somewhat different. After al these years, I pried the grilles off, and guess what? Two different types of speakers! One has the port above the tweeter, the other has it under the woofer. Same 5-position switch on the back, same cabinets.

Who can fill me in on what I might have? I tried reading through various Dynaco sites, but it's still unclear. SEAS, SCAN, different woofers, etc... Obviously this is a mis-matched pair, but they sound great together. Is one simply a later version of the other? Which is which? What's the difference in the SEAs vs. SCAN drivers? Same company? Who's the expert?

Meanwhile, the Dire Straights sounds great..........


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Hi Franz;

Welcome to this great web site.

There is a Dynaco forum for this type of discussion, I'll try to give you somewhat of an answer here.

Please use the Dynaco forum in the future to prevent scattering of questions and answers, thank you.

I have no specifics as to when the first pair of Duynaco A-25's came off the Denmark assembly line.

There is another souly Dynaco site, I don't do well with links.

The drivers that were first presented to Dynaco were 4 ohms, rather than the 8 ohms, that were finally chosen for production.

The Scandyna name has come up and that is all I know about that.

The earliest A-25's were made by Scan, which used the vent above the tweeter.

I have not read any more details and no numbers produced

The tweeter was visually different in metal mesh and screw holes.

The woofer's perimeter was perfectly round.

The later, more common version seen, is the Seas driver version, the tweeter has a wire screen and the woofer has protruding horns where the screw holes are.

Over 1 million were sold in it's lifetime, one semi-trailer load per week.

I have also a mismatched pair, the same as you and also regular Seas versions.

Is there an audible difference between them?

Don't know, but, I have assumed that Dynaco would have only chosen sonicly matched products.

More of this story will un-ravel as time allows.

I have also seen mirror imaged speakers as well on ebay, there again, no information as to why or how many.

If you checkout the, "other", forum you will find back around Nov/05 I wrote about, "fast fuses", follow that and you will see fusing information for the Dynaco speakers.

This was before the Dynaco forum was set up.

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