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  1. Pete, looks great. How thick were you able to make the baffle?
  2. I sound like a broken record in this thread. Bill LeGall just fixed the one woofer I have that I wrote about had the buzzing noise when certain soundtracks were played. He has come up with a replacement formula for the coating and used in on my woofer and it looks awesome! I can post a pic of it is anyone wants to see it. Oh and the buzzing noise is long gone!
  3. He will be rehabbing the last 2 of my mids later this year. I also am doubly blessed as door-to-door for me is a 40 minute drive to hand deliver to Bill.
  4. I use an SAE 2401 (250 watt/ch) with my Allison One's. Gives them the "grunt" they need.
  5. So are these the scanspeak woofers you used, the 26W/4534G00? Looks awesome. So, let us know how your testing results come out.
  6. I haven't been here in a while but my timing seems good. I have a nice pair of Model Ones and planned on testing the woofers and can post the T&S parameters. One of my woofers has a slight buzz when I play certain material like DSOTM. Bill LeGall of MillerSound swears he can rework the woofers and even replicate the coating so I was going to test a couple of them before he performs his "magic". I have had him clean up and reform a couple of the mid domes to where they look like new.
  7. Thanks I have a copy of these but was unsure of when they were from. Anyone have a schematic?
  8. Anyone else have one of these? I picked one up last week on a whim to use with my Allison One's. The change is tonal quality is very subtle for the most part. I never heard of one previously and was wondering when they came out, etc. Yank
  9. The answer is more like 30 ga wire. PITA to solder extensions on, just ask Dave S. Yank
  10. Glad your journey finally worked out.
  11. I have a pair of tweeters which are the type that connects via front baffle binding posts. I have been talking with Dave S. about them and his concern, which is entirely justified, is that the wire on mine was cut at the outer edge of the plate as shown. http://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u60/big...on_Tweeters.jpg What gauge is the original wire? I was thinking 22 ga possibly. Yank
  12. What I failed to mention in the previous post is that he opens up the mid, softens/reforms the dome and in my case carefully unwinds one turn of the voice coil to reattach to the tinsel lead. He then repainted (correct term?) the dome with what looks like original coating (doesn't show up in the pic well) and had all of this done in under a week. He also stated to me that he can recone the woofers if needed (mine do not need to be). Yank
  13. I didn't have a before pic on this but the lead was pulled out by one of my cats and the dome was pushed in as well: http://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u60/big...del_One_Mid.jpg Bill, whom I have met on a couple of occasions is truly a stand up guy. Yank
  14. Bill told me personally that repairing the tweeters is impossible for him. The mids he actually "fixed" better than original and I am hand delivering my remaining 3 since they have the domes pushed in. Yank
  15. Dave, I have a couple of them if you are interested.
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