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Looking for KLH-1 Analog Bass computer powersupply or alternative


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F4E16046-A6A7-4DA5-9FD8-F9652DC4DFB6.thumb.jpeg.882cffe0d7065af10942f46c76da0f03.jpegB5889A72-BD53-48EC-9464-BE5C4CC847D0.thumb.jpeg.61bdd2523f947e9f74c2e2862d6cba4f.jpegDear readers,

I’m the first owner of a wonderful KLH-1 set with the analog bass computer of which it was identified that the power supply now defect.

Appreciated if anyone can direct me to a new/used power supply or alternative. Mind you that this is quite specific AC/AC adapter having the following values;
Input = 230V/50Hz/8W
Output = 14 VAC 135mA

See the pictures.

Many thanks for your time/advises.



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14 hours ago, JKent said:

i believe you can use a universal wall wart as long as it meets the specs (14 vdc 135 mah) and the correct polarity

Hi JKent, thanks for your reply. The thing is a AC/AC Adapter. Since I’m not skilled in this area don’t you think AC/DC is not an option?

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I'm sorry. You're absolutely right. But there are AC/AC adaptors available. On this side of the pond my landscape lights operate at 12V AC and use a 120V AC to 12V AC transformer. Laptop transformers may also be AC--I'm just not sure. That 3.5mm plug will be an issue but maybe you could find an electronics repair shop that could attach the correct plug for you. 

I actually had an Analog Bass Computer with wall wart until I sold it about a month ago. The ABC can accept 13 to 14V AC, 50 or 60Hz. Wish I had a picture of my wall wart--I don't think it was an original.

This is a 115V AC/ 14 V AC adapter that would not be appropriate for 230V but it gives an idea of the kind of thing that "should" be available in Europe


Or here's one that is rated 220/230/240V AC 50Hz in, 14V AC out. 1.8A - 2A. I believe a higher Amperage rating is fine (your original is 135mA, these are 1.8A or 1800mA).


Sorry but when I Google "230V AC to 14VAC adapter" I only get North American results. Try it in Amsterdam and see what you find.



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