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AR-2a woofer variations


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I recently picked up a pair of AR-2a's from an estate sale. They seem to have different versions of the AR 10" woofer, and I can't figure out if one of them is original and the other is not, or if one of them has been reconed. If anyone has time to clarify from the pictures, I would greatly appreciate. The first 4 pics are of one, the next 5 pics are of the other. 










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Everything looks right on the first speaker. The second speaker looks right except for the cone and dust cap. Interesting in that my 2a’s have the yellow cloth surround of the second pictured woofer. Was the speaker re-coned and the original surround reused?  

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After looking at the second woofer on my home computer screen instead of my phone in the daylight, I am not so sure that surround is cloth. It may be foam that is coated over with something yellow. Here are woofers from two different sets of  2a's that I have.


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