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Urgent! Your advice needed before I make a purchase!!!


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I'm sorry I'm bothering you with this. I know that everybody here prefers AR "classic" era speakers, but in my part of the world they are impossible to find...

For a very long time now, I'm trying to buy AR9, AR90, AR10pi, AR11, AR3a or AR303... No success.

Recently I got an offer for a pair of AR98LS for 390$.

Boxes have some scratches on them and the grilles are missing.

They are nicely refoamed.

I went to listen to them and I think that they sound better than my present AR44BX.

I said I think, because this guy has better listening room than me and possibly better amplifier - an old Kenwood L-01A monster vs. my two tiny Missions - Cyrus One and Cyrus III (he is also selling this amp for 900$).

What do you think about AR98LS? Is the price he's asking OK?

I got an impression that people here don't like much LS speakers...

Why exactly?

I'm not interested in historic or collectible aspect, I'm just after that AR9 sound I heard long time ago, and these speakers are the closest match that I can find right now.

I was also offered to buy AR92, what do you think of them?

Other ARs that recently were available here are

I need your answer really fast, because I must make up my mind quckly!!!



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I just didn't want you to feel ignored.

I don't have any experience with the 98LS so I can't comment. The 92 sounds "nice" but lacks the extreme bass extension AR is famous-for.


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