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211003-1 AR Tweeter


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I understand the 211003-1 tweeter is from the KK designed AR303 series.  However I find few references to this tweeter in forum archives, and one reference on the last page of the AR3a restoration guide.

I re-read the Stereophile review of the AR303.  Overall FR sloped downward, with treble response noticeably less than MR response.  However, treble dispersion was reasonable, holding up well to 10khz at 45-50' off access.  Subjective comments noted that in room dispersion somewhat compensated for the declining on-axis response slope.

I would like to find the electrical characteristics of this tweeter; sensitivity, impedance, FR, dispersion characteristics and of course opinions from those who have experience with this tweeter.

Thank you !

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Pardon me guys, but are you referencing the black front wired three quarter inch dome that is the second generation 2ax tweeter used in the AR 3a and the LST as well as in the AR 2ax?

I may have a source for a couple of them as well as having worked with restorations on these by an excellent engineer that can rebuild them.

He has a great reputation and a long track record of outstanding work.

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