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Over doping the KLH 6

Jim Pearce

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It seems there are some of these that I may have put too much dope on. What does one do? And how can one tell if that's what's been done?

On the return speed, how slow is slow? How does one know if the fabric pores are completely sealed, maybe pull them and hold them up to the light? Would 80% visible light through the fiber be acceptable or would that be too much?

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The best way to ensure that the surrounds are sealed properly is to test them mounted in the cabinet. Push the woofer cone in and hold for about 20 seconds. Longer is better. There needs to be enough time for the pressure in the cabinet to equalize with the ambient air.

Quickly release the cone and measure the time it takes for the cone to return to resting position. Any time longer than about 1 second indicates a good seal. Longer is better, but rarely achievable beyond a few seconds. Less than 1/2 second, means you should check for air leaks. 

Before adding more dope to the surrounds, the cabinet integrity must be verified. All drivers need to be sealed to the baffle. The cabinet seams need to be solid and sealed. The rear terminal panel must be air-tight. And the woofer dust cap needs to be sealed. If the cone rebound is very quick, one technique is to listen for leaks as the cone is pushed in and released. 

Only apply more doping if you are certain that the cabinet is well sealed.

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Assuming you used RoyC's sealer and assuming you put on too much, you need to get some toluene and a clean cloth. Saturate a spot on the cloth with the toluene and gently wipe the surround. The sealer should dissolve a bit and come off on the cloth. Work your way around using fresh parts of the cloth as you go.

This is assuming there's too much so do the tests as RTally said first.

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