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The 32 is my favorite 8" Kloss eta Klh.  Well, thec32, with the tweets from a model 24. (Thesmaller orange phenekic with no cage.)

I've got three sets currently fully restored, one with the insulation and the chicken wire, another with the b) mofel 24 plastic cup and Tweeter and then a third with the chicken wire and insulation removed revealing a great Tweeter with an Alico magnet.  I've see it  in a few other speaker models, and I'll never understand the need to dampen externally.  took out the chicken wire and hardwired - 4 DB 2 resistor l-pad.  I probably should have put a variable one in but I got lucky and it sounds almost exactly the same amount of Tweeter as if it had the chicken wire the chicken wire it looks better if I remembered I just look at your pictures but I don't believe you have the chicken wire on yours either.   If it's too bright sounding like I said - 4db two resistor l-pad hardwired did the deal for me. anyways I just saw a 32 in the original boxes as well on eBay just recently.  Almost had it but but too much on my plate at the moment.  anyhow greet seeing another model 32 fan by the way.

You know Acoustic Research put out about 14,000 8 in two ways and the first two eras Kelly's I think the total of 456 I don't never get mentioned in the same conversations with the 4x or 7 or maybe even the dynamo. m though of a shame,  I think the 32.... I guess it's better than four 0r 7 or a dynaco but it's up there!n


In no way am I bragging l, but I own every single Kloss era klh including 28, 7, 4, 38 except for models 1 2 and 3 which I have never heard and probably never will maybe I'll get lucky one day but yeah I'm quite a significant Henry Kloss fan to say the least, take care! 

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