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  1. For the Record. How they came #'s BS#3237441 and 442 New In Box Pics
  2. New to this forum, and to warn you been kicked out of better places? OLD Submarine Sonar Tech, Electronic Tech. Retired, back into sound. Kinda JBL guy, but many Vintage brands have come and gone. JBL are easy to turn with good margins?. But as things go. KLH17's $20 rich house next to BMW in garage. Passed husbands. After a little chat and smiles, I filled her in on her husband good choice, and she was so touch, she gave them to me. Accepted with big smile and booked. KLH 32's NIB Yes NEW IN BOX !! CL for $120, waited patiently for 7 days, BO for $40? NEW IN BOX. Both will need "Old Age" issues addressed. That is how I got here to learn about cloth surrounds. So any thoughts, impressions, MODs? Thanks All
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