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Fitting grille cloth on AR18s speakers.

MGM Audio

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Welcome Martyn

Did your 18s originally have foam grilles? If so you need to make some wood frames. That's exactly what I plan to do next month with a pair of AR-11s.

My plan is to make the frames, sort of like the one below that I made for some DIY speakers. For the 11s I plan to make a 45° bevel around the perimeter, to mimic the shape of the original foam.

Or take a look at this page on making grille frames: https://www.humanspeakers.com/howto/grill.htm

This page shows how to apply the stretchy cloth using 3M contact adhesive: https://www.humanspeakers.com/howto/grill-cloth.htm

In the past I've used linen, fastened with 1/4" Monel (stainless steel) staples. But for the stretchy material the glue may work better.


grille frame resized.jpg

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13 hours ago, MGM Audio said:

Glue (which kind ? ) or glue and staple ?

You might want to post a pic or two to show your specific situation - - some of the European products have minor differences from the U.S. versions with the same model number. The AR-18s (not AR-18) from the U.S. employs a very thin stretchy brown fabric over a molded plastic grille frame - - definitely no staples involved. Attached pic shows Euro version of AR-18s.  

AR-18s euro.jpg

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Thanks Mike. I had to Google Copydex but that "fishy glue" may be a better choice than the 3M product recommended by Human Speakers. I also did a little searching and found Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Glue. I wonder if that might be even better/more forgiving.

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Thanks, guys.

I have rather solid chipboard frames and it looked like staples wouldn’t be a good idea.

My Wife, who teaches textiles technology, suggested a glue ( Gutermann ) she uses at school for attaching different types cloths.

I worked perfectly.

The ‘18S speakers look excellent with the new black cloth attached.

Martyn Miles


Oxford England.

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