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Snell Type C


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I just pulled these out of some C’s I bought.  The magnet snaps into the diaphragm assembly. I did this for ferrofluid maintenance. 
These are Vifa, right?  Not a hight dollar tweeter. Same as K’s, and the rear on EIII’s?
Maybe still in production?

These speakers are so good, I’d consider the Snell distributor’s replacement pair (Atomic?)

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My front tweeters were blown .I gambled and used seas Prestige 19TFF1($35) . My type C's  have cosmetic issues and I wasn't sure they even work. After changing the e-caps and replacing the tweeters ,they play just fine . I fixed most of the cosmetic issues .  I was told depending on what tweeter Snell used if the 19TFF1 is a drop in replacement  . Both of the orignal tweeters were the same so I think the 19 is a good replacement. Atomic is very pricey for +30 year  drivers.   GO here https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/snell-type-c.904321/#post-13546592. My Snell C's were repaired by Snell at one time as one of the woofers is marked Snell replacement kit ,I think the tweeters may have been replaced also. They're looking for a home ,nice man cave speakers

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