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AR 38s


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You'll just be replacing one wrong set of woofers with another wrong set of woofers. If anything, the JBLs might actually be a worse wrong pick than the Optimus.  At least the Optimus was another sealed box and not a bass reflex like JBLs.

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Welcome Mustbrad to the CSP forums. Your AR 38S speakers use the 200040-0 woofers. These are mine. 


They pop up on the auction site from time to time. You may have to refoam them. Hers a pair I refoamed for my AR48S speakers. Same woofer used in both models. Notice the inter foam lip is glued to the back of the cones. A bit different than other AR 10 in woofers.


They are some really great sounding 2 way speakers. Much like the AR18S speaker except for larger enclosures and woofers. The Rat Shack woofers you currently have probably sound pretty good, but to hear them as AR 38S's you will need the 200040-0 woofers.  If you are patient enough they will turn up. 

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