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Fried egg tweeter cone/dust cap repair


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I had two second generation fried egg tweeters, both with cone punctures from pushed in wire cages. These were both pretty bad and of course the best action is to replace them. I decided to attempt a repair of the pair because why not? So I ordered two "speaker dust cap paper 3/4 inch" from SpeakerWorks.com. These, when they arrived, were heavy paper dust caps which I took to be a good sign as the Advent tweeters are a slurry formed very heavy paper. The wire cages I cut back carefully with small snips exposing most of the tweeter cone. Dry fit the new dust caps of course to get a feel for how much material you can remove from the damaged tweeter domes. I thought I'd use a razor knife to cut out the damaged domed cones of the tweeters  but when I got down to it I found that it was easier to get the shape I needed (round and a bit smaller than the dust caps I bought) using a pair of cuticle scissors that I had. So the black dust caps were carefully glued to the orange tweeter cones. It is a bit tough to center and glue the small dust cap but it is doable. I used the same glue I use for woofer foam surround repair. I let this first coat of glue set for twenty four hours and then applied a second coat of glue. They looked OK but I knew I'd have to hear them to make any judgement. When I had finished the rest of the refurb of this set of NLA's, cabinets, crossover recapping, new woofer surrounds, it was time. In short they sound better than I thought they would. I have a previously refurbed pair of NLA's (with good tweeters) that I use in my main system to compare them to so I do have a frame of reference. The repaired tweeters are smooth, no breakup or buzz that I can hear is present. I am making no claim as to the actual quality of the sound compared to a fully functional undamaged Advent tweeter but as I do not have instruments to measure these results I'm going to go but unscientific ears only testing! I don't know what the life of repair might be but I have a spare pair of good tweeters to swap in if the need arises. This was fun and very inexpensive, and I think a success. 



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