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How good are AR92? How much (if) better than my present ARs?


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I can buy a pair of AR92 speakers. I now that they are part of "verticals" series and that they share the tweeter and upper midrange of AR9/AR90 and woofer of AR90.

I've heard once a pair of homemade(!) AR9s and those are the best speakers I ever heard. Back in the early eighties, friend's father was working in official AR service in Belgrade , somehow he was able to buy all drivers & components as replacement parts very cheap - after that they just had to make the enclosures!

How much of that fabulous AR9 sound is left in 92s?

I already have pair of AR30F (Connoisseur series) and pair of AR44BX, they all have 10" woofers - you can see them at


Back in mid-eighties, AR44BX were actually a rare example of AR speakers that had very good reviews in British audio magazines. They got some top ten and best buy ratings.

Anybody having more information on my speakers?



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