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Need an amp for 4 ohm speakers?


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I stumbled across a Sonance Sonamp 260 MkII for about $12 at Goodwill last year. Thought I'd found a steal but it turns out they can be had on ebay for $25 - $50 bucks. If you need something to drive 4 (or even 2) ohm speakers this might be for you! Specs and build quality are impressive. It puts out 60wpc RMS into 8 ohms and 100wpc RMS into 4 ohms. Power into 2 ohms is not specified but the amp IS rated for 2 ohms. As soon as I get some ambition I plan to add it to my home theater setup to drive the front speakers, Cizek KA-1's.

So why so cheap? I think most people don't know what it is. Sonamps are typically used for "distributed" power in custom installations but it's just a high current power amp with an "auto on" feature (that can be turned off). It even has L and R level controls but you need a screwdriver to use them. It has a hi-pass filter to roll off the signal below 32Hz but that can be defeated by 2 jumpers on the PCB (I won't bother because I have a separate subwoofer). 

Gotta love a bargain ?

edit: This amp may roll off low frequencies. One YouTube review criticised it for having weak bass but apparently this is a safety "feature" for a multi-room amp.


Sonamp front.jpg

Sonamp innerds.jpg

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No amplifier expert here... but the minimal exterior presentation, robust terminal connections, and interior construction and layout remind me of several Adcom amps I've seen. Good-looking power amp! ....B)....and despite ebay history, you got a real steal there.

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