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AR woofer specs.


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Hello all. Does anyone know what the T/S specs on the AR 12" woofers should be? I have been going through my shop cleaning things up and found a pair of woofers that I had bought from a guy in NH years ago. I completely forgot I had these. Surrounds were replaced with what I am guessing were generic 15" woofer surrounds cut down. I ran one across my DATS and measured a free air of 19.5hz and a Qts of .25  (QMS= 2.399, Qes= .2817). Typically drivers intended for sealed enclosures is more like a Qts of.45-.5. I also found with the woofers a AR woofer surround kit from John McPeak at Msound which have the proper 5/8" width roll.  Boy have my memories been dropping off the table.... Thoughts ? (no, not about my memory, the woofers)



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This should link to the factory specs in box:


The Q s are low because Fs is so low, and remember that most ARs use air core inductors with 

fairly high DCR so this will raise the effective Qts.  Your Fs spec is quite close to the 18 Hz factory spec.

Check for spider sag, this is important.


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Further down in this thread around 9/2018 I finally get good Vas measurements of the AR 12" woofer:

Your measurements look similar to mine.




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