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Value AR-9LS

Guest Sweden

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a rare opportunity has occured in Sweden. One guy is selling a pair of AR-9LS.

All original elements are there, none have been fixed, so one can expect to replace the foam quite soon.

The asking price seems quite high (in light of that), the guy wants appr. 700 $

What is your view on the price and on the speakers?

I have a pair of AR91 and a pair of AR6 and want to complement the AR91 in the (coming) living-room with something heavier than AR6. Of course I would have liked the AR-9, but I guess that there will never be any such sold in Sweden since AR are quite small.



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Hello try this Ebay Number 5716176350 this is the high end 9ls with the oak face. this was the buy it now price. the guy that bought them WELL that Is another thing not for this open forum.

Early ones had the paper drivers just like the AR9. mine are like the early ones I feel real lucky to have picked them up for 300.dollars localy . shipping can cost that much for the AR 9 stuff.

The later ones have the plastic cones they don't sound as worm. mine drain all the power out of my pioneer spec 2 250 watt amp I plan on biamping them.

The real expence on the 9ls is if the tweeters are bad you really have to put some power to them to heir the tweeters on mine I think the crossover is not up to par.

any way good luck I think its a fair price were you live if the tweeters are good.


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the seller says that the speakers are from the latter part of the 80s so I guess that they have the plastic drivers. Should I avoid them then?

I live quite nearby (7 swedish miles) so I will pick them up if I buy them.

I still think that it is a bit high prize. To repair woofers costs about 70 $ if per pair if you DIY, prof. it costs twice as much. My AR91 was prof refoamed and in mint condition I bought them for 265 $

My Denon produces 140 ampères. I never play it esp loud and I hope that it can cope with both speakers.


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Hello all,

the last 2-3 months 3 (!) AR 9LS has been sold here in Sweden. 2 usual LS and one pair of LSi. The asking price has been:

- 600$ for the LSi (not re-foamed)

- 700$ for the 9LS (1 re-foamed, 1 not re-foamed)

The not re-foamed 9LS was sold by a guy close to me but before I bought them, someone other beat me to them. So I went for the re-foamed ones (I couldn't pass this opportunity on). The drawback is that this guy live a long way from me so I have to buy them unheard and then ship them for 70 swedish miles on top of that. The freight is 120$. I totally paid 720$ thus. (but saves time not needing to travel to get them...)

So now I hope that the speakers are as perfect as he says they are (esp. the tweeters of course). So hold your thumbs. We have a written agreement that if the speakers are not working, then we will reverse the affair. I attach an image of one of them.

1. Powerhandling with two AR-speakers

Anyway, I have a Denon PMA2000R that produces 120A (here is a link to a brochure http://www.usa.denon.com/catalog/pdfs/pma2000.pdf). I mostly pay on low to normal volumes. I will use the Denon with my existing AR91 and the AR9LS. Will the amp handle that (you think) without clipping? (if it's possible to answer).

2. Difference in sound

What difference in sound can I expect from my AR91s concidering I don't play that loud?

3. The opinion of 9LS

From the other threads, I notice two types of people. The ones that thinks that these are among the best speakers ever and the other ones that thinks that these are just some cheap crap (I'm mean now I know that). Are the 9LS audiophile-speakers or not? (My wife expect something really special considering the price paid)

4. If the tweeters are blown

a) can they be repaired

B) or is it just to search for second hand domes from other LS-speakers

c) or can a new dual dome be built from present equipment?

5. What other can break

Does any one have experience of anything else that breaks in these speakers.

I attach a link to an image of one of them:




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The 9-LS should have superior low-end response to the 91 (although not equal to the 9)...the mid/tweeter arangement was touted as being an improvement over the 9's, but I wouldn't bet on it.

These are high-quality speakers, and should sound fine with your Denon...repairing the tweeters could be a problem, but it should be easy to determine if they're OK.

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I have collected the speakers and have (so far) the following findings:

- They are in perfect cosmetic and technical shape. I will test them for another day or two before I can say that they are in good shape.

- The tweeters seems fine.

- The woofers and midrange seems reconed, but I'm not sure.

- It is actually not a pair AR9LS but a pair of AR 9LSI KK, number 012907 (I think it was). What is the difference between this and a pair of AR9LS?

- The low end is highly superior to the AR91.



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