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WTB AR 12 in. 200003-0 non working or working


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Looking for a AR 12 in woofer Part no. 200003-0. I have a non functional one and would like to try my hand in repairing a set. I believe what I am looking for is a A.4 woofer used in the Mk1 version of the AR 11 and 10pi. Also maybe the Norwood AR3a and LST. The woofer is characterized by the black retaining ring instead of the earlier orange ring. They were produced from 1975 to 1977. Here are pictures of the non functional one I already have. 


Looking for a reusable cone and frame/magnet assembly.

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@lARrybodyDo you require a good spider?

I have one with the incorrect spider - I'm tempted to remove the cone to see if the voice coil

was changed, the dust cap is also incorrect.  Any interest?

Let me check the part number on the frame.

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It has a 200003 tag  561-78?3 markings

Frame is silver not painted black, it has the screen over the openings.

I have to think about if I might need this to fix my AR-9s but probably not.

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Hi Pete. I am pretty sure the non functional woofer I have is what the AR3a restoration guide labels a A.4 woofer. Does yours have the black surround mounting ring?  My woofer does not have a parts number but is stamped 561 7536. If this means it was manufactured the 36 week of 1975 it is definitely a A.4.  Yours may be the A.5 version manufactured in 1978. They are pretty much the same except the A.5 has a slightly stiffer suspension. I have both AR11 Mk1 and Mk2 examples.This morning I removed one of the woofers from my Mk1's to see it  looked like  my example, and to my surprise it was a tonegen replacement.


There wasn't even a gasket. My Mk2 speakers are the A.5 woofers. 

Send me a PM if you are interested in parting with your woofer. I am assuming it has the original cone. 


Larry in IN

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This has the black ring and I agree that based on the 1978 date it should be an A.5.

Let me tell you what's wrong with this woofer, it has a spider with a diameter that 

does not even reach to the masonite glue ring - I'm not sure what they did.  It also 

has a dust cap that looks about 1/4" larger than the correct one.  It was refoamed 

with what looks like cheap stiff foam.

Do you have a source for spiders or are you able to reuse one that you have?

I'm tempted to cut the spider and pull out the cone to see if it has a metal voice coil

former or at least one in good condition.  Does this make it more or less useful to you?

I don't think I can repair this since I don't have a source for spiders.

Are you still interested?

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This speaker reconing thing is all new to me. I have replaced surrounds on between thirty and forty sets of woofers, so I want to give it a shot. No I don't have a source for authentic style parts. I was just going to order a AR 11 kit from Speaker Exchange. I am pretty sure the cone will be wrong. Probably the voice coil and spider too.  Maybe it will just be a learning experience for me. I will post my attempt when completed. We will see where this winds up.


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fedeleluigi wrote:

"As regards the 12" foam/ceramic woofers made from about 1970 to around 1977 I have always and only found paper formers, at least so far. So the AR 11/10pi MKI woofers have paper formers, the AR 11/10pi MKII and the  following 12" woofers used in the 9 and 9LS series have aluminum formers."

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