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200003 woofer :correct dustcap

Giorgio AR

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Hello everyone, public photo shoot (I hope to be able to insert the photos in the correct chronological order) on the restoration of the proper dustcap of the woofer 200003, year '78.
As you will see, the dustcap donation, coming from a pair of AR18 woofers.
First, it was the restoration of the crushed dome of the AR18, subsequently removed using the nitro diluent to dissolve the glue.
Next removal of dustcaps from 200003 woofer pair (one has been raised using the nitro, the other by cutting the circumference and using the heat of the tip of the electric welder - this worked better and has removed a minimum quantity of the cone paper! Recommended ).

Unfortunately the dustcap on the 200003 woofer was 7.6 cm. in diameter and positioned off-center by those who previously performed the refoaming on these woofers. The dustcaps of the 200001-1 woofers, measured in diameter, have about 57 mm., Perfect fit and same air permeability as on the 200003 woofers.
I then removed all the glue present in the inner face of the dustcaps so as not to have interference or deformations in the positioning on the new cones, glued in the correct position on the cones, now the aesthetic appearance of the 200003 woofers is restored.
Although in the photos it seems that the mark left by the removal of the previous dustcaps is evident, you can hardly notice it from the beginning (I still corrected the defect using my fingers and graphite powder!).

I still miss the black sealant between the dustcap and the cone (in Italy I do not find the correct material, I will order the right material in USA).
I hope to have been useful, to date I have not found dustcaps with correct measurement and permeability anywhere, but here the dustcap is original AR.

P.S. In my opinion, are also good the dustcaps always used in the 200001-1 woofer with the small circumferential base of about 2 mm., Which can be seen in the penultimate photo !!
Last photo shows the 200003 woofer with the new dustcap mounted in comparison with: on left another dustcap 200001-1 woofer, on top the dustcap provided by Larry (V. AR), on the right the dustcap previously mounted on this woofer (very ugly! !)






























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