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A25 caps


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G'day all

Just for interest I thought I'd do a recap of one speaker and give a listen to compare with the original.

I had on hand PE non-polar lytic's and a Vishay mkp 1837 .01uf.  This model didnt have the 5 position switch oddly but a series of two , 3 watt resistors and an 8uf Jensen cap, not the 5uf.  Drivers are Alnico.

After the very quick and simple recap here is what I found.  

A clear but bright sound with higher output, as opposed to the more relaxed, open but not as clear sound of the original.  The original is a warm sounding cap. After a few hrs the shrill had tamed a little but I wasn't yet convinced they would stay.  I decided to take it out and put back in the Jensen but try the bypass on its own, and so I did with both.

So far sounding good, warm but with a sprinkle of detail. A little shrill but I'll give them a little time. 








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To conclude my little experiment, the Vishay bypass cap came out, it wasn't an overall improvement..plus my tastes are orientated towards mellow not bright. 

Overall I think that these 50 year old speakers do a pretty nice job at what ever I hook them up to and put through them.



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