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  1. ReggaeBen

    A25 caps

    To conclude my little experiment, the Vishay bypass cap came out, it wasn't an overall improvement..plus my tastes are orientated towards mellow not bright. Overall I think that these 50 year old speakers do a pretty nice job at what ever I hook them up to and put through them.
  2. ReggaeBen

    A25 caps

    G'day all Just for interest I thought I'd do a recap of one speaker and give a listen to compare with the original. I had on hand PE non-polar lytic's and a Vishay mkp 1837 .01uf. This model didnt have the 5 position switch oddly but a series of two , 3 watt resistors and an 8uf Jensen cap, not the 5uf. Drivers are Alnico. After the very quick and simple recap here is what I found. A clear but bright sound with higher output, as opposed to the more relaxed, open but not as clear sound of the original. The original is a warm sounding cap. After a few hrs the shrill had tamed a little but I wasn't yet convinced they would stay. I decided to take it out and put back in the Jensen but try the bypass on its own, and so I did with both. So far sounding good, warm but with a sprinkle of detail. A little shrill but I'll give them a little time.
  3. Hi, Actually I did find some that came close in specs but that was a little while ago now, I'd need to search again..also the rubber surround 10" Seas - Bang & Olufsen used was very close if not to the same used for the A25. Thanks for the suggestions ra.ra, they're all good vendors. Yeah, OEM, I'm giggling now at that! These are for my second pair of 25's and I managed to find a pair of woofers, so that way I'll keep originality intact for the both sets. Cheers guys.
  4. It does appear to be fibreglass but its actually a very soft fill, similar to the blue grey polyester euro type. RichardC, your 25's cleaned up nicely and I think look great with the new grills. Good luck on starting the refoam, we'll be here to guide you through.
  5. IARrybody, I really like how you've added the L-pad to these. It's something I'd wondered doing about if I had a poly cap in place of lytic that could benefit from attenuation. I picked up a pair of 25's for dirt cheap just for a spare tweeter. They are missing the original woffers and baffle openings have been hacked a little. But maybe I'll resurrect them some day. Just weighed the fill and I got 7.1 oz Ben
  6. Think I'll go with the standard type roll and not the filled fillet type, mostly to retain the original character of them and partly because the Boston's are a PITA to fit! I'll investigate some more into the Parts Express type, but its likely they'll do fine as mentioned. Glad too that I've got the Sprague's in there, I've planned just to test and leave them be like you suggested, ra.ra. The woofers will get flipped 180° and left to see if they give any issues after another 45 years Thanks ya'll Ben
  7. Hello everybody, Found myself an original pair of AR7's in almost mint condition. First thing that struck me was there miniature like size! They still have the original surrounds and even came with the box, this will be nice and simple to have them up and running again. I've tested the tweeters with 1.5v battety, removed the woffers and inspected inside the cabs. They contain fibreglass fill with Sprague compulytic 6uf, this is the crossover without coil and just a two way switch. Noticed a slight sag in both spiders, one slightly more so, have not come across this yet and would be interested to hear some thoughts on this. I've previously used surrounds from Simply Speakers and an ebay guy going by the name of Looneytunes2001, both with great results. However with postage to Aussie being a consideration, I always look to source from fewer places as possible. So, I need to order some parts from Parts Express, and they have the 8" that's needed. Has anyone experience with using theirs? Next time I hope I come across one owner AR3a's!!! Ben
  8. Thanks for the clarification, Adams. Glad to have the been given the sound information from the CSP regarding these particular 10" woofers for my restoration. Kind Regards Ben
  9. Funnily enough, just spotted these in the For Sale/Wanted section. Date code reads 7422, would these be the AR5 woofer in disguise, with sticker ID for 2ax?
  10. Interesting comments guys, they come much appreciated. Lakecat, seems like the 12 is well suited to your tastes and is also a gem in the AR line, if a pair comes my way I'll have to give them a go...no seriously, I just can't help myself wanting to add to my growing collection!? When time allows I'm going to separate the cone from the basket and inspect the VC, but my findings were that it was a rough patch (like corrosion) on the pole that was the cause, so I'll be on the look out for a woofer, or pair, in case it isn't fixable. Keep ya'll posted Ben
  11. Thanks for your recommendation, I've never heard the AR12 or any of the other 10" line yet, so I can't personally compare. Can you briefly explain why you feel the AR5 to be lesser than the AR12 woofer, you say the 12's strong point is its bass output, perhaps this woffer was the most refined of all the 10"?, being a later production could perhaps explain so. I'd have them in a flash if they weren't around the price that I see you guys are picking up complete pairs of speakers for! I feel I should wait until the correct ones come my way, I'm going to lift the spider on this one first and see what arises. Ben
  12. Great advice, I'll begin the search now and post my potential findings. Best, Ben
  13. Originality is a big factor for me, being both a functional and psychological one. I'm going to eventually get the tweeters rebuilt seeing that it's now possible, sooner the better so it seems, but just need to find the time like with all of my other 101 projects! You're right Adams, with supply being so thin here in Aus it makes choosing more difficult and people seem to charge "vintage tax" while not knowing any great deal about the part anyway. Perseverance is key. Thank you for the clarification about the 200004-2 style woofer being not quite suited to the AR-5. Regarding the late 2ax woofer, I'm unaware of the similarities here, I do know that the late tweeter was the same as the 5's, is it the case with the woofer too? Thanks
  14. Hello everyone, Today I did a speaker rotation and hooked up my 5's for the first time in a while. Man, do they make everything sound so great! Unfortunately there is still a rub in the VC of the replacement woofer #200004-2 (3903-3) dated 74, this and the original both share same year and part numbers. The woofer does not perform as the original so I'm thinking it may never as I've tried shimming and centering the best I can. Currently available to me are a pair of 200004-2 from a pair of AR-12's, these are dated the year 80. After gathering up info from here I found the AR parts list showing that the 200004-2 woofer was not meant to replace the AR5 and LST-2, which required the 200004-3. However seems that folks use them and are happy with the outcome, leaves me wondering if I try find a single #-3 in good shape or a nice pair of #-2's. Would the circa 1980 AR12 woofers potentially have an aluminum VC, would this need to be considered also? Interested to hear comments from those who may have heard 5's with substitute woofers. Best Ben
  15. Hi, Firstly, the woofers in your friends ar6's are early Alnico magnet and not the more commonly found ceramic magnet like in your MST's. The ar6, 7, 17, 18, 25, mst (can't think of anymore off the top of my head) all share an 8" woofer although they did have some minor differences to suit the particular speaker it was fitted to. The first AR18 is seen by many as the slightly better of the 18 models. Is it possible for you remove the woffer for us to identify? Btw, the 6's are a fine sounding bookshelf speaker, you should try them out..
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