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AR Connoisseur rebuild

Rob Irvin

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7 hours ago, Rob Irvin said:

While in the process of re doing the surrounds,I noticed that one of the mid drivers has A bad Voice coil.it some how got distorted and is rubbing.Can anybody recommend where or who to repair it.

Thanks in advance,Rob

You didn't give much info.   You may be able to correct it by shimming before you apply the new surround,  If you have already applied the new surround you can still shim but cleanly removing the current surround to apply a new one will be a challenge and you should shim before starting IMO.  If the voice coil is truly damaged you can get it repaired.

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Thanks Stimpy, I have done surrounds,and speaker realignment  to several sets of AR speakers,but,on these,it looks like the material has become unglued from the card board tube.There also seems to be little rips in the material.I noticed rub marks also.I can not figure out what would cause this to happen.The rest of the drivers,and cabinets are in great condition,so thank you,I will call Bill,at miller sound.Rob

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