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Hello everyone,


so i’m Quite lucky and am one of those rare people that own a pair of LST’s.

Thing is I’ve never used them since I got them, kept them in a spare room and only recently got them out. I can see the surrounds have degraded on the drivers and I’m guessing that there probably gonna be some work either related to the slow blow fuse and/or the cross overs. I do t know if they’ve been re-capped or not. I’m a studio producer/engineer, I know very little about the tech behind speakers. I’m so know that for me having a pair of LST’s is a luxury that I don’t really need for the work I do. Saying that I would keep them if I had the money to. I’d use them as reference monitors. But I’m worried with the kind of music I make I could damage them. I generally go through about 6 drivers a year. 4 from my Dynaudio M3As and my Focal SM9’s. I push my speakers and I think these will blow way too many times for my liking.

So my thinking is this. If all was working well (which I don’t know if that’s the case as I have to test them first) how much would a pair of LST’s sell for today? I can’t seem to see recent prices and the only post are from 2009. I have been given some advice but I’m curious to see what anyone else thinks.



DOKTA (2020 Vision)


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IMO if you want to sell them (on this site) you should post grills-off photos in the For Sale/Wanted forum and state your location for pick up because of the impracticality of shipping them any distance.   Also IMO, assuming they are good candidates for restoration, unless you can show provenance indicating they have been expertly refurbished, you will be better off leaving them alone if you intend to sell here.  They are best left unmolested and original for selling purposes.

Without question, all eight tweeters will need rebuilding even if, in your opinion, they seem to operate.   New units are not available.  Min $500

Beautifully restored pairs from trusted sources can go for $4000 if you are willing to wait on a buyer. 

Someone here recently bought an unrestored pair  off  craigslist for around $500 IIRC.   


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