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  1. Hello everyone, so i’m Quite lucky and am one of those rare people that own a pair of LST’s. Thing is I’ve never used them since I got them, kept them in a spare room and only recently got them out. I can see the surrounds have degraded on the drivers and I’m guessing that there probably gonna be some work either related to the slow blow fuse and/or the cross overs. I do t know if they’ve been re-capped or not. I’m a studio producer/engineer, I know very little about the tech behind speakers. I’m so know that for me having a pair of LST’s is a luxury that I don’t really need for the work I do. Saying that I would keep them if I had the money to. I’d use them as reference monitors. But I’m worried with the kind of music I make I could damage them. I generally go through about 6 drivers a year. 4 from my Dynaudio M3As and my Focal SM9’s. I push my speakers and I think these will blow way too many times for my liking. So my thinking is this. If all was working well (which I don’t know if that’s the case as I have to test them first) how much would a pair of LST’s sell for today? I can’t seem to see recent prices and the only post are from 2009. I have been given some advice but I’m curious to see what anyone else thinks. regards, DOKTA (2020 Vision) http://www.dokta.co
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