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My AR speakers story


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A friend of mine gave me as a present, a pair of AR 10Pi. I can assure that I have never had a better pair of speakers than these ones. I made the mistake to selling them. After many years I found an ad that a fellow was selling a single AR4. I bought it at a very low price. I was very curious, havind had ARs before. I had a big surprise when I instaled with my Maranz SR4000. The sound was just perfect, with such small cabinet and primitive tweeters. (The cone ones) Inmediately I started to look in EBay the other one, witch I found very quickly. But as I live in Lima, Peru, the shipping was going to be ten times the price of the speaker. Fortunately  I have a son living iin NY and I asked him to buy it and take off the woofer, the tweeter and the crossover and in his next visit to Lima bring then to me.

At the same time another ad showed another fellow selling a pair o AR 38s. I bought them inmediately, because it is very difficult to find in Peru any  pair of AR speakers. These speakers were in a perfect shape, they sound marvelous, but they had the primitive tweeter cone type and I started to look for the dome type for these speakers, witch I found incredibly, brand new ones. I have installed already and the sound is better but not too different than the original ones. Fot these reasons I will never change my ARs  any more.

AR4 before restorig with new tweeters.JPG

AR38s with new tweeters.JPG

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Bienvenidos Kikicho,

The 38's appear in great shape and the tweeter looks as thought it was an easy fit, great find! 

I know there are a few versions in the AR4 line, guys on here will happily help you with identifying yours and guide along with putting together a second speaker. The tweeter you have fitted here, to me, looks like one from an AR14.

Buen suerte!



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