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Small Advent Woofer - Parameters - Solvent to Break Glue

Pete B

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I also posted this on AK:   http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/small-advent-woofer-vc-dimensions-solvent-to-break-glue.819443/

Edit: Got the cone and VC out and the former and wind height look exactly the same as the Large
Advent and the metalic, heat conductive former extends well into the big dust cap. The wire
is thicker since it is a 4 ohm woofer. Here are the dimensions:
Wind height: .63" or 15.5 mm this is about 5/8" height of double wound section
Wind height including single layer: .69" or 17.5 mm
VC ID: 1.55" or 39.5mm
VC OD: 1.665" or 42.3mm
Spider glue point to back of wind is 1.08"
VC Former total length is 1.88" or 47.7mm

The VC looks to be 2 layer and about 2 turns are left off the top layer at the top end of the VC
only not the other end. This is a trick to improve motor linearity at high excursion.

I'm fairly certain that the pole piece is under cut also for better motor linearity.

Moving mass: cone + VC + all of foam, no spider weight = 62 grams
That is very high but it is what's required to get a low Fc in that small box.
All of the foam edge but none of the spider was included so I'm going to call this close enough.

Edit: Tried nail polish remover and it was just not going to budge, so I worked on the inner end against
the voice coil and that joint broke with a crack, fairly easily the cone is out. I marked the former with
a sharpie so that I can re-glue it in the same spot, the old glue line is also easy to see.

The woofer must have bottomed badly and the part of the metal former that extends past the windings
bent in making noise against he pole piece. I bent that section back and then up toward the windings so
that if it hits again it will just pack in a bit tighter against the windings.
Did this all the way around the former.

I have a Small Advent woofer that makes some clank sounds on full
excursion and believe that the VC former is deformed. I want to take
out the cone and need to break the spider glue joint - any suggestions
on a solvent?

I should just pick one up on ebay but I want to open it up to see what's
going on, and if it can be fixed, fix it.

I've done repairs like this when I was a kid, and used MEK paint remover,
but is there something better/safer?

Pete B.

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On 4/20/2018 at 10:20 AM, Pete B said:

I've done repairs like this when I was a kid, and used MEK paint remover, but is there something better/safer?

Good info, Pete!

Although I've had some luck with Toluene for rubber based adhesives, I believe MEK will be your best bet.


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