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Which BA Bookshelf Speakers had 7" Woofers?

Pete B

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Also, the HD7 from the HD ("High Definition") family that preceded the CRs. This was a 7" 2-way AS speaker with a hard poly 3/4" Tonegen tweeter. Clean-sounding, but thin and a bit bright. Fairly inexpensive, IIRC--I think US retail was around $100 ea. The small sealed HD5 and HD7 were getting killed at retail at the time because ported competitors like the PSB Alpha had a much "richer" tonal balance down to their rolloff point of 60Hz-ish or so. The sealed BAs started their rolloffs at about 70-80. Sure, sealed meant 12 dB/oct vs. 24 dB for the ported guys, but it was the 50-70Hz region that gave a small speaker its 'guts'. The fact that the BAs had greater output at 35 didn't matter at all, because they were all down so far by that point as to be irrelevant.

That was the impetus behind the ported CR series, and they were a huge success--not only because of their superior 50-70Hz bass output vs. the HD5 and 7, but also because the CRs were far more sophisticated in cabinet appearance than the cheap 6-sided particleboard/generic cloth grille competition. The CRs had molded resign-reinforced plastic front and rear panels, with integrated wall-hanging hooks, recessed terminal wells, flared ports, etc. They looked like they were three times the price of the PSB Alphas and Energy models, but were actually cost-competitive. The CRs easily matched the Canadians' sound and trounced them at retail. 

I remember one CES (1995) the owner of Energy coming into our booth with his head of engineering , picking up the CR6 and yelling at his Eng guy in front of all of us, saying, "THIS is how you build a bookshelf speaker!"

Steve F.

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Trivia questions, anyone know what 1991 model these woofer are from?

They measure 6" across the small frame dimension.

Edit:  Are they from the SubSat 6?


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