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L710 conundrum????

Rob Irvin

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I have a pair of L 710's I just opened up. Just on inspection they did not look right. You can see from pictures that somebody had either salvaged or replaced speakers with realistic 6 inchers.

The cabinets are in good condition, and everything works. So, do I part them out, or do I try and find 4 drivers? Any suggestions will be considered. Thank you in advance for comments.




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Appears you need woofer #206-0325.  I also found a 206-0318 but this at some point gets replaced by the 0325.

The tweeter part number will depend on the serial #.

I remain humbled by both of your sticky-dome drivers.  All of mine have "fur", but then so does my house.

On edit:  It looks like you've got deeper troubles, as the mad scientist was thorough enough to cut out and replace a piece of the baffle, to fit a round driver...

Good luck,

- Jeff


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