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  1. Hi, I am looking for the crossover schematics for the Allison Threes. I have a set of late model cherry Allison Threes, and a set of early first gens. Crossovers look totally different.
  2. I found 2 pairs of what the seller is calling Allison One woofers. They look nothing like my original Allisons. No markings what so ever. The od of the magnets are 120mm. The dust covers are 85mm. Smooth cones. 4 ohm . Seller claims they where pulled from an early vintage Allison One. Pre 80s, as tweeters and midranges had the side leads to be used with the front panel posts. The spiders are huge compared to my oem Allisons. I am thinking these are some Chinese knock offs. I know these observations are somewhat subjective. Maybe I could find a local shop that can test them and get the TS parameters.
  3. Are there visual difference between the Eminence replacement and an original? Would you have a photo of the replacement Eminence woofer? Just want to be sure if I find a woofer, I can identify the Eminence version. Per your experience with these, we should steer clear of these for replacements in our A1, A3, A9, CD9s? Are the T/S parameters the same on the Eminence version as the original OEM Allisons?
  4. Thanks for the observations. What I would like to see are the metrics for the inside of the ic10 box. I realize these are rare. I am just curious about the ic10s compared to the Ones. Allison states that the exterior of the ic10 is the same as the One. The tweeters and midst are basically the same as well. The ic10s front panels does seem to extend a bit more than the Ones.. The ic10s are about 1250 cu inches bigger than the Ones. That is nearly the volume of a A4 (1265 cu in). Allison measured internal volume without factoring in displacement of drives...just gross volume. I verified this on my A3, C8s.
  5. Greetings, I understand that the later oem replacement woofers for Allison One woofers were made by Eminence for Allison. How different are these from the originals? Does anyone have photos of them or Thiele/Small parameters? I see on ebay someone is selling Allison One speakers. ..too cheap, don't look like mine.
  6. I was comparing published speaker volumes for the Allison IC10 and the Ones. The IC10 published volume is 3800 cu inches, while the Ones say 2550 cu inches. Here is the issue, both speakers have the same published external dimensions : 40x19x10.75 inches. Essentially, the same boxes. The primary difference being the woofers. The IC10 have 8 inch (push pull) and the Ones are 10 inch. So, what gives with the published internal volumes? Are there some baffles or bulkheads in the Ones that reduces volume?
  7. Greetings, No longer looking... Please ignore...how to delete post?
  8. Are the cd8's still for sale?
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