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  1. you're in good hands. Chris rebuilt my AR5 tweeters a few months back. they sound incredible and the turnaround was very impressive. I've got a few more pieces I'm sending his way as soon as funds allow (after Christmas). AR3a woofers... and probably the tweeters too. good luck. and enjoy!!
  2. hey IARrybody - nice! there's another set listed for sale about 3 hours from me. I've been trying to get a reply from the seller for about a month. to no avail. I can only assume he doesn't really have them. regarding my mids - no, I have not tested them with my meter. they seemed to be performing fine, they sound great. and with having to de-solder them from the front mounts in order to test, it didn't seem worth the trouble. I was also told by the guy that rebuilt my tweeters that these mids are very hearty and he doesn't see many that need servicing. noteworthy on these Euro AR5's... the cabinet dimensions aren't the same as standard AR5's. I got a set of replacement grille boards from vintage ar on ebay... they're too small. Larry with vintage ar is working with me to get grille boards that work. I'm shipping him my single bad one... it's in pieces but all pieces are intact. and his carpenter is going to make a set from my wrecked one. luckily, Larry's cool. I've been sitting on these since April and he's still taking them back and working with me on a suitable replacement. I highly recommend vintage ar if you need parts.
  3. I asked the question anyway... and YES, he did seal the tweeters properly. the rest of the cabinets leak. NO delay when doing the woofer test. but the woofers are NOT sealed yet. I didn't expect them to pass. but I wanted to see how bad they are.
  4. hey JKent - no I have not done this test. I haven't resealed around the woofers yet. and tbh, I had forgotten all about it. can you detail this test? or provide a link maybe? I'll ask the fella that rebuilt the tweeters for me if he sealed around the wires on the tweeter holes. thanks for bringing that up. I've been using these for weeks without having resealed around the woofers. and I'm enjoying the sound. can I expect a drastic improvement when I reseal?? on the grill cloth... all I did was lint roll and vacuum them. I also haven't worked on the badges at all yet either. and on the split corner... no, I haven't done anything with that yet. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with that.
  5. good morning everyone. I got my tweeters back from rebuild from Chris and got them installed over the weekend. I'm very pleased with the outcome. Chris' service was fast and professional. they sound amazing. ? the cabinets in these photos have recieved a single, soft cloth wipe down with Howard's restor-a finish and feed & wax. no steel wool at this point... by the way, is anyone in the market for some modded Hi-Vi tweeters? ?
  6. absolutely. more photos to come...
  7. sweeeeeeet! thanks for clarifying. ? I'm going to do some low volume testing on the woofers (as well as the other drivers) this afternoon. if all sounds well, I'll be ordering new foams this evening. ?
  8. oh! so by "missing", the meaning here is my woofers were made before this feature was added? not that I am missing pieces? that's how I was reading it.
  9. @RoyC - I'm confused by this? am I missing parts? do I need these "missing surround mounting rings" in order to re-assemble?
  10. and the cabinets... front at least... I'm proud to add these beauties to my collection. can't wait to hear 'em sing.
  11. woofer #2... what is the rubbery looking ring on the cone? if these test ok, can I refoam and use with these center rings cracked like this? and it looks like I get to make my 1st attempt at popping out dented dust caps with the 1st one. I can't make out the printing on this one. I resized these to upload... if anyone thinks they might be able to read the date from the UNresized photo, please let me know.
  12. @RoyC @fedeleluigi and everyone else interested: Roy - I'm curious about your statement above. I have SOME experience with refoaming but not alot. these don't look like anything special from that aspect tho?? could you link me up with the correct foams? I prefer SimplySpeakers.com - I like thier glue. I got these guys home, here come the photos to keep things clear, I'm going to make a post for each woofer... here's #1... this one looks like it says 1974 to me Roy? "MAR 17 1974"?
  13. I got 'em! ? details and photos to come...
  14. replacement grille clothe I believe. great shape. badges are intact. if all goes as planned, I'll be bringing these guys home tomorrow morning. ?
  15. man, I need these like I need a hole in the head. ? $300 and an hour one way... refoaming is within my skillset. I'm thinking I would be stupid to NOT. considering there is a lone intact pair of AR3s available in my area and I believe the seller is asking $2200. @fedeleluigi - don't have them in my possession (yet). if/when they are, I certainly will post more/better photos. @RoyC - I'm gonna try to post photos of the backs... I'm having size issues tho...
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