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  1. MoPhoX

    Model Seventeens

    Well I work real......slow.......... Anyhow, these are the caps - looks like OEMs, but not leaking. "Temple" caps. They look physically fine but probably need to be replaced. I'm going to take some time to study the schematic and/or bother JKent again..... and yes, I redoped them with the vintage AR sealant. Slooooowwwllly coming together....
  2. Thanks ra.ra, I tried to explain the best I could. I will attempt more when I have the time, and post my progress. Thanks to all, what a great forum!
  3. Kent is a genius. I scraped the paint off the terminals, then touched the Hivis to them, and they worked. Pots a little scratchy, but there was absolutely no sound from the original tweets. Looks like I can remove the original tweeters without remorse. Maybe I'll look into the inductor thing. For now I might attach the Hivis semi-permanently and go from there.
  4. Sounds right ra.ra. Interesting, perhaps that's why there was no sound from the Hivi since i needed heavier leads - or it could also be that the pots are shot but without me testing them I might have destroyed the original speaker.
  5. The orig tweeters did not work at all. The pots worked for the mids, although they were a bit scratchy. I used the toilet paper roll to listen for anything from the tweeters, and there was nothing. The leads were detached from the tweeters not the terminal. That was probably a mistake. I don’t even see where the copper wire attached to the tweeter. Under the tape it was thicker, it was thinner than a cat hair where it met the tweeter. Now it’s just taped to hold it in place while I figure out the next move. Pic below is of the one i removed, having trouble uploading the other. When I tried the Hivi, I just held the leads to it to test. No fancy inductor business.
  6. Hi folks, so time flies and i finally tried to install the Hivi tweeters in my AR5s. Carefully removed the tape holding the very thin copper wires, then took the tweeter out. I have zero soldering experience (and practically no knowledge of electronics), but just wanted to see if the Hivis worked. I carefully attached the copper wires to the new tweeter terminal, but no tweeter sound. rather than messing anything else up, i put the original ones back. So now what- there are other things that could be wrong, but I'm not sure i have the skill set to figure it out. I'd really like to hear what these are supposed to sound like. (I also still need to recap my KLH Model 17s, but that's another story.)
  7. MoPhoX

    Model Seventeens

    hi JKent - is there a specific cap I should get, or does anyone have a link to it on ebay? Also, would these old caps possibly damage the speaker? The other day I noticed that the high end didn't kick in until I turned the volume up.
  8. MoPhoX

    Model Seventeens

    Hey folks, a couple weeks after I picked up the elsewhere mentioned AR5s, i noticed a neighbor had a bunch of junk on the curb. That's where I found the Model 17s, ready to be thrown away. Took em home and they were in great shape (much better than the AR5s). I have them sitting on top of the Acoustic Research AR11 Hi-Res floorstanding speakers and and running both on A/B speakers from a Onkyo TX-DS595. Paired with a simple sub, they sound great. I used to use the "All Stereo" surround setting that uses all speakers but I am preferring the A/B with the KLHs. I have the Hi Res series: two AR11s, two AR17s, and AR2C center. Quick pics are below. I have only one KLH badge for the very dated looking grilles. I just ordered the Vintage AR re-dope stuff.
  9. Haven't done much with tweaking the tweeters, but am considering the HiVi - how do they compare with the originals? Is the replacement voice-matched to the original? Has anyone done a/b comparison?
  10. Just got a pair of AR5s and refoamed the woofer (before playing) and it appears the tweeters are dead. I moved the pots repeatedly and only got the mids to work. As I understand, is it true that the tweeters sometimes expire after many years? Would it be easier to replace them or go inside the speaker to check other things?
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