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  1. you're in good hands. Chris rebuilt my AR5 tweeters a few months back. they sound incredible and the turnaround was very impressive. I've got a few more pieces I'm sending his way as soon as funds allow (after Christmas). AR3a woofers... and probably the tweeters too. good luck. and enjoy!!
  2. hey IARrybody - nice! there's another set listed for sale about 3 hours from me. I've been trying to get a reply from the seller for about a month. to no avail. I can only assume he doesn't really have them. regarding my mids - no, I have not tested them with my meter. they seemed to be performing fine, they sound great. and with having to de-solder them from the front mounts in order to test, it didn't seem worth the trouble. I was also told by the guy that rebuilt my tweeters that these mids are very hearty and he doesn't see many that need servicing. noteworthy on these Euro AR5's... the cabinet dimensions aren't the same as standard AR5's. I got a set of replacement grille boards from vintage ar on ebay... they're too small. Larry with vintage ar is working with me to get grille boards that work. I'm shipping him my single bad one... it's in pieces but all pieces are intact. and his carpenter is going to make a set from my wrecked one. luckily, Larry's cool. I've been sitting on these since April and he's still taking them back and working with me on a suitable replacement. I highly recommend vintage ar if you need parts.
  3. I asked the question anyway... and YES, he did seal the tweeters properly. the rest of the cabinets leak. NO delay when doing the woofer test. but the woofers are NOT sealed yet. I didn't expect them to pass. but I wanted to see how bad they are.
  4. hey JKent - no I have not done this test. I haven't resealed around the woofers yet. and tbh, I had forgotten all about it. can you detail this test? or provide a link maybe? I'll ask the fella that rebuilt the tweeters for me if he sealed around the wires on the tweeter holes. thanks for bringing that up. I've been using these for weeks without having resealed around the woofers. and I'm enjoying the sound. can I expect a drastic improvement when I reseal?? on the grill cloth... all I did was lint roll and vacuum them. I also haven't worked on the badges at all yet either. and on the split corner... no, I haven't done anything with that yet. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with that.
  5. good morning everyone. I got my tweeters back from rebuild from Chris and got them installed over the weekend. I'm very pleased with the outcome. Chris' service was fast and professional. they sound amazing. ? the cabinets in these photos have recieved a single, soft cloth wipe down with Howard's restor-a finish and feed & wax. no steel wool at this point... by the way, is anyone in the market for some modded Hi-Vi tweeters? ?
  6. absolutely. more photos to come...
  7. sweeeeeeet! thanks for clarifying. ? I'm going to do some low volume testing on the woofers (as well as the other drivers) this afternoon. if all sounds well, I'll be ordering new foams this evening. ?
  8. oh! so by "missing", the meaning here is my woofers were made before this feature was added? not that I am missing pieces? that's how I was reading it.
  9. @RoyC - I'm confused by this? am I missing parts? do I need these "missing surround mounting rings" in order to re-assemble?
  10. and the cabinets... front at least... I'm proud to add these beauties to my collection. can't wait to hear 'em sing.
  11. woofer #2... what is the rubbery looking ring on the cone? if these test ok, can I refoam and use with these center rings cracked like this? and it looks like I get to make my 1st attempt at popping out dented dust caps with the 1st one. I can't make out the printing on this one. I resized these to upload... if anyone thinks they might be able to read the date from the UNresized photo, please let me know.
  12. @RoyC @fedeleluigi and everyone else interested: Roy - I'm curious about your statement above. I have SOME experience with refoaming but not alot. these don't look like anything special from that aspect tho?? could you link me up with the correct foams? I prefer SimplySpeakers.com - I like thier glue. I got these guys home, here come the photos to keep things clear, I'm going to make a post for each woofer... here's #1... this one looks like it says 1974 to me Roy? "MAR 17 1974"?
  13. I got 'em! ? details and photos to come...
  14. replacement grille clothe I believe. great shape. badges are intact. if all goes as planned, I'll be bringing these guys home tomorrow morning. ?
  15. man, I need these like I need a hole in the head. ? $300 and an hour one way... refoaming is within my skillset. I'm thinking I would be stupid to NOT. considering there is a lone intact pair of AR3s available in my area and I believe the seller is asking $2200. @fedeleluigi - don't have them in my possession (yet). if/when they are, I certainly will post more/better photos. @RoyC - I'm gonna try to post photos of the backs... I'm having size issues tho...
  16. @RoyC thanks again man. I just got my Hi-Vi's in and everything buttoned up for now. I will disconnect the mids and check resistance when I get back to this after the tweeters cone back from rebuild. ? holy shit guys. I did it. they're reassembled, hooked up and running. they sound pretty amazing. ? I'm still tweaking the controls... which is probably a waste of time at this point since this placement is very temporary. Im missing a screw... I dug around for that 6th screw for waaaaay too long. special hardware trip for the one screw. dammit. ? and these tweeters are temporary at this point so the connections to the front terminals are temporary too. tweeter rebuild coming so please be nice. damn, I'm not looking forward to lugging these Sansuis back downstairs. ??? dammit... I'll resize the photos and try to post again. stay tuned... ?
  17. @RoyC pardon the dumb question... but if I remove the bridge on the back, disconnecting the woofers... AND the tweeters are no yet connected... can I measure resistance from the front panel leads?
  18. hey guys, those of you that have used these Hi-Vi tweeters... I guess it's normal to have to drill these out to reach the mounting hole location in the cabinet?
  19. hey everyone. can any of the wise sages of classicspeakerpages tell me if these drivers appear to be original to these AR3a's? and do these woofers appear salvagable?
  20. break-in question... remember, I'm uneducated... but will there be any kind of break-in period with all these new parts I've installed? new foams, caps and now the Hi-Vi tweeters... I have experienced new foams settling in and sounding a little better after a few minutes of playing, I'm not sure about the other part tho?? happy friday everyone! thank you all for the education and the fantastic advice. so I'm moving full speed ahead with my restoration. my (short term) Hi-Vi tweeters and inductors arrived yesterday. I'm hoping to piece those together this weekend and get these bad boys ROCKIN'!! I'm shipping my AR tweeters off to Chris for a rebuild. with any luck, I'll have them rebuilt and back in my hands by Sep 1st if all goes well. I've got another time sensitive project I'm working on at the moment. an Onkyo turntable restoration, along with a monster Onkyo reciever, for my daughter's birthday next week... my arm's kinda sore from all the dustcover buffing. I'm only about halfway thru. once I get that all wrapped up I'm back on these cabinets. I've got my Howard's restore-a-finish and feed and wax and my 0000 steel wool at the ready. thanks so much for all the advice and support guys!! it really is appreciated.
  21. and this was only to hold me over until I got the originals rebuilt. originals I don't have..
  22. yes it it. I will never hear, from these anyway, what original AR5's sounded / should sound. I would've never started down this road knowing I was basically starting with nothing but shitty boxes. all I've got right now is tore the f*ck up boxes full of mismatched speakers. anyway, thanks for your input.
  23. so I've just been pissing away money "restoring" what I thought were original speakers. great news.... feeling more and more like a monday by the minute. ? I guess I'll try to cancel my tweeter order before it ships. no point in wasting any more.
  24. good morning everyone. I finished up with replacing the L pads and caps in my AR5s this past weekend. and I'm quite pleased with what I'm hearing so far even with one dead tweeter. I have ordered the Hi-Vi tweeters and inductors mentioned here to do fill in duty until I get the original tweeters rebuilt. with all this said, I was looking more closely at the tweeters and mids in pair. and I'm not certain my dead tweeter is original? or even an AR tweeter? both mids and my single, alive and kicking tweeter both very clearly show the AR logo. my dead tweeter does NOT. can anyone confirm or deny based on front photos? photo #1 - close up of my dead tweeter - NO AR logo visible photo #2 - close up of this same dead tweeter and the mid. mid clearly shows AR logo photo #3 - close up of OTHER tweeter and mid. both clearly show AR logo I picked up some Howard's restore-a-finish and some feed n wax over the weekend. I'm hoping to get some time to work on these this week. photos 4 and 5 show the worst side of my cabinets before treatment or cleaning of any kind.
  25. YES! you've been most helpful! I've learned ALOT the last couple of days. this forum and it's users are a wealth of information!! I’m almost certain I’m going with rebuilds from Chris and I’m really leaning towards trying the Hi-Vi tweeters too. it’s a small price to pay to have back-ups on hand. And I’d like to hear them both too. I’ve got a busy weekend in front of my but I’m gonna TRY to get back to these guys this weekend. or guy I should say. I've got one rebuilt (new L pads and caps, refoamed woofers), one left to do. I’m almost certain they’re both still front-wired and it’s not visible. I peeled the tape back a couple of months ago when I got them. Since posting I have seen several photos of the Hi-Vis. The holes drilled thru for front wiring, the way they should be wired up. So I’m pretty clean on what I need to do. As to the cabs… I’m in St. Louis. I’m going to clean them up and re-assess. But I’m really leaning towards either dealing with it as it after clean up or trying to self repair that one seam as you’ve mentioned. I’ve got some big ass clamps. And I understand your description of the repair. I think this might be within my skillset. I might pester Glenn as you recommended there too. I’ve read great things about the Restore a Finish. But no experience as of yet. I’m sure it’s coming tho. I’ve got a couple of consoles I’m also working on. And you can tell what might follow me home. I’m leaning more and more to dry cleaning the grill clothe. Unless someone here, or the dry cleaner express concern. They both in decent shape. Just dirty, dusty and cobwebby. My badges are ROUGH. I thought I had photos of both the originals and the reproductions. But I can’t find them. The reproductions are very well done. I’ll post photos of both tonight or this weekend. I don’t have much invested in the reproductions. I don’t feel like I have to use them. If I can clean up the originals, I will. But I’m not holding out much hope there. ? Thanks again for all the great info and feedback JKent. As I mentioned, I’ve got a busy weekend in store. And a couple of other projects on deck (whole other threads there! new to me Pioneer amp and Thorens turntable)… but the AR5s are a high priority for me after getting a little glimpse into what the final sound will be like. I will certainly post details of my progress.
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