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  1. Hi All, Just in case anyone is interested, I thought I would provide a belated update on my AR9LSI adventures (original post). Well, the story has a really good ending (from where I sit anyway): The speakers were restored to full working condition by Deltronics in Chicago and then packed up for shipping, as described in the original post. They made it safely by road across to LA and then by ship all the way to Perth, Western Australia. I am very grateful to the work and help provided by Mike and his team at Deltronics. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. The AR9LSI's might have been relatively expensive, however they look and sound terrific. I am running them with Kenwood L1000 gear (M/C & D), which I sourced and shipped over from Europe. I also have a completely re-built Kenwood Basic M2/MC amp and pre-amp. In response to briodo's comments about the AR9LSI screens/covers. Mine came in good condition, but I prefer to leave them off any way, mainly because I think they look better with all of the timber veneer exposed. Best regards Bruce in Western Australia
  2. Hello to all that may read this “short story” about my AR9LSI adventure and wish to weigh in with a comment or possibly even make an offer to purchase: I am a “newbie” to the Classic Speaker pages, located about as far away as one can get from New England, that being in Perth, Western Australia. Anyway, in my quest for acquiring a classic pair of AR9LS(I) speakers, which are not easy to come by in Australia, I have very recently purchased a really nice pair of the timber veneer AR-9LSI's, in the USA, near Chicago. The same pair that were on eBay. They are in need of what has now been confirmed as a fairly straight forward restoration, i.e. new surround kits and new bass chamber kits. All of the tweeters, drivers and crossovers have been tested and given a “thumbs up”. Obviously, it would be good to do the caps as well, but that can possibly wait. For some time prior to this purchase, I had been researching how to buy and ship some large or largish AR speakers from the USA to Western Australia and this opportunity seemed to be as good as I was probably going to get. The seller was situated close enough to Chicago for me to have the speakers delivered to Deltronics, a longstanding and reputable audio repair shop in Chicago, who would in turn do the restoration work, pack them up and deliver as two packages to my shipper's warehouse, also close by in Chicago. The shipper will then have them strapped together and shrink wrapped onto a pallet and off they go by ocean freight to Western Australia. Understandably, no matter what, shipping such large speakers from the USA to Western Australia is a pretty expensive/extravagant exercise. The upside of all of this for me is that it would be like ticking something off of one's "bucket list" and then, in the long run, getting to enjoy the same experience over and over again! Besides, being a great conversation piece as well! Although, my wife might kill me if she ever finds out the full cost. Now, the downside and reality of the situation. The shipping cost has doubled and I am still struggling with how the speakers should be packed up to minimize damage during shipping. Even though they will be insured, the point of the exercise is to get them home in one piece. BTW, using timber for packing is not an option because of import regulations. In any event, I think I have my head around the packing. Two large 60x24x22" wardrobe cartons with 3” of Polyethylene foam planks all round the bubble wrapped speaker cabinets, which are then strapped together and shrink wrapped onto a shipping pallet. Now reality also kicks in properly, I have been flip-flopping on a day to day basis since last Friday as to whether I should push on with this project or try to re-sell the AR9LSI’s in the USA and look harder in Australia? So, before I actually push on with the restoration (which will start later on this week), I am just putting it out there to see if anyone local would be interested in taking this project over now that they can be certain that the tweeters, drivers and crossovers are all in good condition. Similarly, the cabinets are very good, save for a few minor scratches and the grilles are intact. Although I don't really want to abandon the project, it probably would be the most sensible thing for me to do, if I was presented with that option, by way of a realistic offer from someone local? To date I have paid $650 for the AR9LSI’s, $100 for a detailed repair assessment and around $175 for the surrounds and bass chamber kits, which are due in Chicago any day now. So, if anyone is seriously interested enough and prepared to cover my costs to date, or very close to that figure, I would probably let them go. But it would have to happen very quickly, within the next 24 hours or so. Otherwise, I just push on as planned. Cheers Bruce in Western Australia
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