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  1. Yea, I ran into their new 'mentality' about a year ago trying to get some tech notes on my T1030 pair. They're 'legacy' is a marketing reference that they now seem to have little real interest in. Typical of corporate management having successfully displaced engineering's control of product line that seems to be today's norm. Seems BA is focused on boom boxes seeing how current woofer line of 'loosey goosey' buckets. I downloaded a few of their current woofer 'full spec sheets' .......Not even a mention of any Theil-Small parameters , thus no basis in std audio engineering. Says alot . The pinnacle of this evil is Harman International. At least BA wasn't forsaken to that bunch.......best stop there. Lookup HarmanIntl
  2. Don't think the T1030 had a series II. But again, Gerry S would be the man to ask. I.d certainly run any final results past him, he.s designed that XO
  3. Dam nit Pete, That was YOU I was bidding against. I was going to grab them to update my T1000's as an experiment. But the seller wouldn't do a break on shipping both of them .... which made me hesitate too long. Glad they went to the right home though cuz now we.ll all get a schematic for the T1030. Plus I've got bigger projects needing focus. See links, thats a cherry pair of JBL L65A and a serious 200W x2 amp to drive em ....Heathkit AA-1800 ..the old Leach Super Amp Did you notice the caps are different between the two? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-z5urNCCOy-4rRymUYgoLFWaMeD9CtrV/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1senj9hU4OTcmytK3YRBGEa_4AsQhkCJd/view?usp=drivesdk 30lb trans https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eOldw4f__yCVQsqhT1nhL9M1QGw3KQ90/view?usp=drivesdk
  4. Thanks Pete, Got to appreciate a man finishining what he started. I've got an extra T1030 XO that is just waiting for me to pick it up one day soon. If you have any interest in documenting it. I'm not sure I.ll ever get around to it, plus your work would outclass any thing I would draw up. Charles
  5. I agree, great job Pete. Don't have either of the official schematics. All I have is the 'chicken scratch' ones I've created myself. What you've posted matches what I drew up on the T1000. As far as the T1030 I feel it best to run any schematic that might be posted on it by Gerry S. and of course ask his blessing to post it first. That x-over is his baby!
  6. Pretty sure I can help you. 1) I took full set of pictures of my partially disassembled T1000 without diconnecting any wiring for the main purpose of re-capping the x-overs. 2) Hand drew a schematic of the entire wiring hookup. Give me the day to gather it all. Charles
  7. Well, after a few months listening, I'm much more impressed with the T1030s than my initial opinions. They amaze me with their separation and the sound stage. Continually hearing definitions that I've never heard from my all time favorite releases. Their really quite nice with all the digital audio I've acquired such as: HQ DVD-A, killer Steven Wilson remixes and various 24bit 96kHz Flac pro rips of vinyl masters & orig pressings (pbthal,DocRob & aksman, etc).Either my 50+yr hearing is getting much better (doubtful) or the crossover design/topology unlike any I've heard before. Comparisons are to some of better XO's I have used for years: EV X8/X36 even JBL N1200. And that's unmodded with orginial electrolytics . Although,hifreq side isn't near my hiend JBL N7000 w/pair of 077 prisms. The mid-low side is impressive. (Gerry, I took your advice & left as is). Quote:"The T1030 uses a "quasi-second series" network between the woofer and midrange sections, a parallel network on the tweeter. The crossover frequencies and slopes are also different, resulting in different "near" and "far-field" responses." Quasi-2nd series..... Unfamiliar with this type my interest is keen, and I plan to rev-eng circuit/schematic to understand the math/physics of your X0 design, if that's OK Gerry. I like what I'm hearing.....intend it as a compliment to your achievement. FWIW... Agree the T1000 can't be even compared to the audiophile T1030s
  8. Thanks Gerry for the detailed response. I was afraid the. Two pair may not match up in a multichannel setup. One of each of larger electrolytic 120mfd caps in both the T1030s show signs of overheating (the leads overlapping body of cap have melted the plastic sheath/label) Still. It sure would be nice to have some documentation for these. Especially Thiel/Small parameters for the drivers in case I have replace them.
  9. Recently scored a nice pair of T1030's. Nice shape and recently professionally 're-foamed. Was asking $170.....I gave him $200 feeling almost guilty. Two weeks later by dumb luck I inherited another pair of BA, a beautiful set of T1000's that had been stored/unused for 20+ years with original surrounds in excellent shape.......Unbelievable ! Have looked at the T1030 crossovers to consider which electrolytic caps to replace and I understand the difference in them and the T1000. Does anyone have the manuals or copies for these two models? Anyone one with schematics of the crossovers or freq specs? I was somewhat surprised to see that the 6" & 8" were different units from model to model, I'd read several times that they both used the same speakers?? I've been in the process of building a multichannel BuffaloIII DAC with Aleph J amps for the primary 4 channels. So these towers are a real blessing towards that goal. A question for Gerry S. (if he would honor me) Any recommendations on recapping or replacing the HF cap with a more modern type or maybe modifying the T1000 x-overs to be more inline with the improved T1030 version for simultaneous use? Or would they interfere with each other as is? Don't believe replacing any of the mid & low freq cutoff caps with non-electrolytic would be a good idea, but unsure. I guess I could reverse-engineer a schematic and attempt to calculate the designed freq cutoffs......But it certainly would be nice to have factory data. As for the queries comparing the actual 'sound' differences between these models...after recapping I'll get a better opinion. They both sound really nice as is, but different.
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