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  1. not aware i thought the 3a's were 4 ohm and the mids for the 5 were 8 ohm?
  2. hi there anyone have an AR5 front wired mid? they are willing to part with? thanks brianO
  3. BrianO

    Ar 303

    Thanks. For the schematic Kent. !
  4. Hi.  Is there anyone who knows how to rebuild or fix a 303 xover?



  5. Hi looking for a 303/302 crossover in working condition also. Looking for any 303 parts thanks briano
  6. Hi. I have a new old stock ar303a xover. I want to wire it to a 303 speaker. Can anyone help? thanks BrianO
  7. is there any audible difference between the dayton caps and the spraque caps when re capping ar 5's? thanks Brian O
  8. thanks Roy even though I was doing this in March I haven't gotten back to this problem but I will check it yes the driver is disconnected thanks Brian O
  9. hi can someone explain why my 3a midrange measures 3.6 but has a low output in volume? thanks brian O
  10. hi I have several 3a mids not working but I am interested to see what is going on with one of them it measures 3.6 on a meter but still has low output can someone explain this. I thought the voice coil either worked or did not i don't understand the good reading and the low output Thanks Brian O
  11. HI Has anyone used this from Simply speakers? any feed back? http://www.simplyspeakers.com/acoustic-research-replacement-midrange-12100103.html They look like a cheap knockoff just want to see if anyone heard them Thanks Brian O
  12. BrianO

    AR3 3a

    RoyC ?? interested in taking a refurbishing job on? (for my Mids) thanks Brian O
  13. BrianO

    AR3 3a

    surround yes I know Larry and have purchased from him just wondering if anyone had come up with any new ideas for implementing new drivers into the 3 or 3a I will send one to Larry to see if he can get it going Thanks for the resopnse Brian O
  14. Hi just checking in to see if anyone has answers to the question of repair or replacement of the 3 and 3a Midranges? I have a couple of blown or low volume mids that need repair I would also like suggestions on replacement as close as possible to originals. I know this is a topic that has come up, but just wanted to see if there is any New Ideas thanks Brian O
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