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  1. Aside from the occasional nastiness, I always enjoyed reading the Kitchen. May I ask who passed away?
  2. A little over a year ago I found this AR enthusiast who had the equipment and skills to rewind AR-3a tweeter voice coils. He did 2 for me and they came out really nice. I don't know if he still does them, but you can reach him at reverbdmit@aol.com Good luck, Bill
  3. I've been looking for that driver myself. According to the library literature, it's number 200005-0 used on AR-6, 7, 8 and 4xa.
  4. After looking at other sites, it appears that Ohm Walsh speaker owners, both past and present, all seem to love them. I'm wondering why Walsh's speaker theory never caught on with other manufacturers. Any thoughts from the designers here? Bill
  5. If I recall the ST-70 puts out about 35w per channel which is about the minimum recommendation AR made for the 3a I believe. Probably OK at fairly low volumes. I drove mine with 40wpc for a while and they sounded OK. Drove them with 100 wpc and they were much better, but they really shined at 200wpc. Good luck, Bill
  6. I had one where the inner contact plate was partially eaten away from corrosion on the high side, so I reversed the wiring on the pot. Now the high end is nice and clean and I doubt I'll ever have to use the lower volume end. Of course the knob direction is reversed too. Bill
  7. A very small one. Down at the bottom of the main forum menu look for the "For sale/wanted" header
  8. Nice job on the wipers. Maybe a little less tension and/or some lube may help them turn smoother. Let us know how they hold up. Bill
  9. You guys have got me running wild through all these audiophile snake oil sites, and my sides hurt from laughing. Here's something we all absolutely need: http://www.thecableco.com/product.php?id=5832
  10. Check out the manufacturer of these cables: http://www.synergisticresearch.com/page/tesla Of special interest is the "letter from the designer". I've never ever seen so many words put together to say absolutely nothing.
  11. WOW! Please invite me to your next barbecue.
  12. I've gotta second that, Kent. I've enjoyed my AR3a speakers for about 30 some years with 60wpc Pioneer reciever power. They've never ceased to impress me and now thanks to the help of you and others here they're like new again. I recently bought them 2 APT-1 amps and revived my old Thorens turntable. The old vinyl sounds sweeter than ever. Bill
  13. This site provides a comparrison to these type devices: http://www.anatekcorp.com/testequipment/esrcompar.htm They also sell them, but their literature seems pretty honest and helpful. Anyway I bought the Blue device kit and put it together in about an hour. It's handy for quick checks in ckt, but not always. I had to disconnect one side to check my AR3a caps, and as was said earlier, it doesn't measure capacitance, just ESR. Low voltage caps always measure pretty high. It's pretty much an AC ohm meter. Bill
  14. That sounds really odd. Now I'm tempted to do surgery. Give Audioproz a ring. You can check out some of their stock on the web, but you have to call em to order anyway. They have a lot of used AR tweeters they strip from cabinets. Bill
  15. Dave, You may want to contact Chris at reverbdmit@aol.com. He did nice job replacing voice coils on my AR3a tweeters. Bill
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