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AR-2ax Tweeter Polarity & Hookup


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This is a very old issue for me but it still bugs me after more than 15 years

Around 2002 I completely rehabbed an pair of 2-axs for my Daughter which are still being loved to this day

They sounded and still sound VERY good 

They are the version with the brass posts on the front baffle (spring loaded)

BUT, when I unloaded the cabs, I failed to put match marks on the tweeter's leads, only to learn later on in the project that there was no obvious (not to me anyway) markings or indications as for VC polarity - so I think I just went with hooking them back up in the way that the leads would naturally fall if that makes sense)

I am 100% that all my network wiring is correct - but to this day whether or not I re-installed those tweeters correctly still nags me (I did install them the same, box to box)

How do you identify which lead is which on this incarnation of the 2-ax tweeters?  And the mids as well while we're on the subject (when the little red paper dots are long gone)

Thank you


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