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4 - Model A / 11 Snell speakers

Jay Trent

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I have 4 model A 11 snell speakers. Peter Snell personally sold and set this system up in my home. Peter was a good personal friend to my brother and he designed and set this system up. Along with the 4 speakers are two Bryson model 4B amps also included is a tuner and pre-amp Tandberg 3011 tuner and 3002 A control amplifier. All these components Peter sold to me. These system was used very little, speakers sound extreemly well and are cosmetically in good condition. This system is one of a kind and will blow you away.  This is a sad day to let this equipment go. 

Take all 4 for $ 5000.00 these are like no other As that were make due to Peter used bigger coils in the speakers as well as a ”super up” crossover so to speak, these are one of kind. If you like Snells don’t miss this.

i will sell all equipment listed just as Peter set it up for $8000.00 

I can be texted or e-mailed. 508-641-3395  Newburyport Ma

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State an asking price - this isn't an auction site

Photos would help as well (Snell made an awful lot of different  versions of the basic two-way, small format box), as well as their towers and large footprint models 

(unable to see/find the "A11" after a cursory search, only the very early Type A/III )  So I have to guess you are selling Type A, Series IIs? (can't find that specific designation either)  A pair of Peter Snell's Type A, 3-way prototype perhaps? 

They've also been out of business for around 8 years now so the old Snell site is not good for looking at legacy (and now defunct) models

Did this all happen around the early/mid 1970s? 

Good luck to you


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